Can I change my name during a divorce?

You took your spouse’s last name when you got married, but now you are divorcing. Are you stuck with your married last name forever? No! If you would like to resume legal use of your former, “maiden” name which was changed by reason of your marriage, you may request that your former name be restored to you during the divorce by requesting the name change in the Complaint for Divorce or even after the divorce is finalized by filing a Petition for Name Change with the Circuit Court in the city or county in which you reside. See Virginia Code Sections 121.4 and 8.01-217(A). Your request should include your residential address, your date of birth, your felony conviction record (if applicable), a statement that provides whether or not you are incarcerated, a probationer with any court, or a registered sex offender, and if you have previously changed your name. See Virginia Code Section 8.01-217(B). In Virginia, there is a $21.00 filing fee associated with a name change request.