Cole Miller PLLC offers Mediation Services for all family law matters, including divorce. Teresa S. Cole is a divorce attorney who is also trained as a  Mediator. In her role as Mediator, Ms. Cole, will help you and your spouse reach an agreement resolving all your custody, support, property and debt issues. This is a cost-saving alternative to litigating your issues.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an out of court process that allows you and your spouse or partner to meet with a neutral third party (the Mediator) to discuss and resolve your issues. The Mediator does not make any decisions for you, like a judge would; instead the Mediator helps you agree upon an outcome that both parties are satisfied with. You can be much more creative in Mediation than would occur if you went to court. Sometimes the solution you need to make everyone happy is to something that a court can’t order under the Virginia divorce statutes. Mediation allows you to keep control of the ultimate outcome in your case, and allows you to discuss your private family life in a confidential setting.

How should I prepare for Mediation?

Call and schedule a consultation with Cole Miller PLLC. If Mediation is the right process for you, you will be provided forms to complete in advance of your first mediation session. These forms basically ensure that the Mediator will have all the necessary information about your assets and financial picture, as well as your family, to help you discuss and resolve your issues. If you are interested in working on the forms prior to your consultation, that may also be an option you can discuss with Ms. Cole.

Is Mediation right for me?

Mediators at Cole Miller PLLC can help you make that decision. Mediation is generally a good fit for people who feel like they are on a level playing field and can trust the other party to provide full disclosure. Typically, in Mediation, you meet with your neutral Mediator and only see your attorney prior to or after the mediation sessions for advice, so you don’t have your attorney at the settlement table with you to advocate for you and give you on the spot advice. If you want or need that type of support, which can often be important, Collaborative Divorce may be a better fit for your needs. Again, Ms. Cole is available to discuss with you which process may work best for you.